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May 13, 2015
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Rupert & Laura tied the knot on April 25th in Vancouver! Their morning spring wedding among the lush gardens of the Cecil Green Park house was the perfect setting for their contagious joy. In fact, Laura’s parents celebrated their wedding reception in the same location many years before! Rupert first met Laura’s father while visiting Sojourn Church in Vancouver. He’d recently moved there from China for work and eventually met the beautiful Laura as well. At their rehearsal dinner, friends reminisced about watching the two of them being drawn toward each other like magnets. It seemed everyone knew they were falling for each other before they did! With the support of their family, friends and church community while dating….they quickly realized they wanted to be married & live their happily ever after. Both of them care deeply about the Lord, friendship, family, environmental sustainability, adventure and one another! Wherever life’s adventures take you both, it is evident you are spreading joy and love along the way!! We wish you all the best, Mr. & Mrs. Campbell!



Laura and her sisters and almost sisters woke up at 4am to begin the hair & makeup process to be ready in time for their 8:30am photos!

The view of Vancouver from Laura’s bedroom window will be a hard one to give up! However, I’m sure the view of Rupert in the morning will be just as lovely :)



Their decision to do a “first look” at 8:30am was a hard one to pull off, but SO worth it. Do you see the beautiful morning light? Do you see the fresh excitement and joy they got to share with each other FIRST before their busy day started? The lush gardens of the Cecil Green House provided an amazing backdrop for our morning photos.


Hearing them call to each other and laugh before they could turn around was a sweet moment. Rupert said, “Oh, you look like a bride! I like your outfit!” And Laura responded, “Ha! I am a bride today!” Her “outfit” was a beautiful layered strapless dress with a lace jacket overlay. The elegance of the layers along with her radiance made her a stunning bride!




Laura’s mother even wore the same lace gloves that she wore on her wedding day in that same location many years ago!



Preparing for the ceremony back at the church…guests could sign the guest book & look at photos of the couple & their families from over the years.


There was laughter & joy throughout the ceremony! Rupert’s father, Douglas gave the sermon and reminded the couple of God’s committment and faithfulness to them, no matter what. I loved the Canadian tradition of signing the marriage certificate during the ceremony!


There were several cool, rainy days before the wedding…but Saturday had perfect weather & the Cecil Green House and gardens were exquisite!

Laura and Rupert designed her wedding band based on the silver fern, associated with New Zealand, where Rupert’s family hails.


I caught them sharing a tender moment of joy before being introduced in to the reception.



The catering by Cecil Green Park House was delicious & mostly gluten free & dairy free!

There was a special time of toasts and sharing that was the highlight of their afternoon reception.

Rupert’s mother, Rachel designed the original cake topper! It was a lovely and quirky replica of the couple and will be a treasure for years to come!

The crowd sent them off with bubbles as they cheered them away toward their honeymoon in a Rolls Royce!!


Rupert & Laura, you are loved and supported from all the people in the photo above…and so many more! We wish you the best and pray for blessings as you enter your new adventure as newlyweds! Thank you for allowing me to document your special day!

Church: Sojourn Church at University Chapel

Reception Venue: Cecil Green Park House

Flowers: Mayhew Sherwood Florist

Catering: Cecil Green Park House (Geen Catering and Gluten Free & Dairy Free wedding cake!)