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September 11, 2015
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Happy Wedding Weekend to Alejandro & Erin! Family & friends from all over will be here in Durham this weekend to celebrate this beautiful couple and I could not be more excited to document their wedding! I’ve known Erin for 16 years (as a former Young Life leader & friend) and our friendship has been precious to me. We’ve talked and dreamed about who we would marry & it’s amazing to see what a perfect fit Alex is for her. What a perfect fit they are for each other!


After many years of being single, working and traveling and both learning to follow Jesus more and more….they met through! They spent a while talking and getting to know each other before they decided to meet in person over Labor Day weekend last year. Alex was living in Atlanta and Erin was in Durham, so they had their first meeting on Erin’s front steps. He had planned to surprise her with flowers at her front door, but she couldn’t bear the excitement and was waiting on the steps as he drove up! They hugged and laughed and knew something special was beginning.

Several months later, Alex secretly contacted me to ask if I would photograph his proposal to Erin. He developed this quite detailed plan to fly into town a day early to scout out the location at Duke Gardens. He’d had a cedar chest made to hold the ring & would have Erin’s mom give her a necklace with a key on it that morning. They planned a picnic in Duke Gardens and aftewards took a stroll. They were crossing the bridge and “stumbled” upon this small chest! (many thanks to the strangers who stood guard for us and cleared the bridge once they arrived!). Alex stooped down to check out the box and Erin joked that maybe her key would open it. And in fact, it DID! While down on his kneee, Alex asked Erin to marry him and of course she said YES! I shed some tears behind the camera as I was shooting this special moment for my dear friend. I will probably shed some more tears tomorrow!!

Erin & Alex, those of us who know you and have watched your relationship develop can confidently say that you two are matched perfectly by the God who made you and loves you both so dearly. He’s orchestrated the meeting of two hearts and minds who share so many passions, but especially for Him. We wish you many blessings on your adventure as you become husband and wife tomorrow!! Lots of love to you!!






We reenacted their first meeting on her front steps. It looked something like this….



We’ve never seen you more happy, Erin! Alex, we love you for the way you make her light up!