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March 14, 2013
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I have to confess that it’s taken me a whole year to figure out an efficient system for posting photos on my blog. I tried using Photobucket (don’t do it!) with embedding hyperlinks, then using Photoshop to create the polaroid watermarks…and then trying a template I made on Pages. None were doing the trick & the result was me just not blogging as much as I wanted.

Until NOW! Thanks to a fabulous & supportive group of photographers called Showiteers…we share tips and secrets to help encourage each other in the business. Their motto is that we are better together & there’s enough business out there for us all to share. I’ve learned so many helpful tips, including the amazing software called Blogstomp. For only $49.00, I purchased this & can download pics, create collages & write a blog post all in one. I’m inspired to post more photos so everyone can enjoy my work more often. Stay tuned for my Blogstomp experiences.

Introducing Addy…

She is my best friend’s daugher & I am always surprised by how much I adore this girl calling me Aunt Mere. I told her I wanted to eat her cheeks….and she looked at me so surprised & said, “No, Mere…I need my cheeks!!” We had an impromptu photo session in a room with lots of light. I told her my trick of trying to find my eye through the camera lens…I tell you, it works to keep kids engaged just for a few minutes!


I had the best time with them during their visit & wish they’d move back to North Carolina soon! Hope you enjoy this sweet girl & those delicious cheeks as much as I do :)